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Quality Hair Care

The soft material of the MyHeadTie scarf will not snag loose hairs if tied up in this scarf. Even just a 10-minute quick tie of the scarf will have edges laying down. Earrings, and necklaces always make wearing a scarf an event!! Keeping in mind people who sport short styles, shaved styles, and beginning-natural-journey styles the abundance of material from the scarf looks great tied in big bows or knots for dramatic effects. The MyHeadTie scarf is great for all.


Cotton scarfs damage the soft hairs around your edges. Linen scarfs dry hair/locks out. Wool blend scarfs are the equal to clothe billow pads! Silk scarfs are ruined after one machine wash. Poor quality satin will eventually fray, and become tattered. MyHeadTie is truly a good scarf unlike any other scarf you will ever own!

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