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MyHeadTie scarfs were created to fulfill the basic needs of tying up your hair properly with non damaging, quality hair maintenance material. Yes, any scarf can be used to tie hair or ones head, but MyHeadTie is unique because:

1. It's large size allows many folding possible.

2. The long length ensures the scarf can be wrapped twice around the head, and tied securely.

3. The raw bridal satin, which is used to create the scarf, holds in moisture of the hair/locks while tied.

4. The solid vibrant color makes the scarf both daytime and nighttime interchangeable.

5. It is machine washable.

6. No store carries a basic head scarf to tie your head up with at a price of $35, that is this size and feels this soft.


The scarf has many uses for all hair types. In addition to wrapping ones hair/locks at night, all natural hair types finally have enough material to cover all of their hair. The scarf can be tied around long braids/ dreads for protection, it can be used to tie on a messy mane for a quick store run, and you can wrap your pillow with the scarf if the laziness to tie your head consumes you. The scarf can also be tied on the crown of the head to keep hair from falling in ones face while doing yard work and it can be caped over ones shoulders while doing hair to shield your clothes...the possibilities are endless!

Ask us about our wholesale orders. We now allow spas, boutiques, and hair salons the option to purchase our hand made scarfs to retail in your business. 




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